Junior Green Belt Syllabus to 1 Blue Tag

Throwing Techniques

Demonstrate the following throwing techniques while Uke is stationary, and then again while moving. All throws must be dynamic and effective for Ippon throw:

Tai Otoshi

Body drop

Ippon Seoi Toshi

Single arm body drop

Ippon Seoi Nage

Single arm shoulder throw

Groundwork Techniques

Demonstrate the following groundwork techniques:

  • The first five hold down techniques in the groundwork wheel while Uke tries to escape. Control of Uke and movement must be evident.
  • Two individual techniques turning Uke over from a crouching position resulting in any arm lock, strangle or hold down.

Combination techniques

Demonstrate the following combination technique:

Ouchi Gari


Tai O Toshi


  • 3 wins against similar grade or line up of mixed grades.
  • 1 draw
  • 1 loss allowed