Nage No Kata


The Nage No Kata consists of fifteen throws performed to the right and left side of Uke. The Kata represents five individual parts, each section incorporates three techniques which are executed right and left. A total of thirty throws are performed in total. Uke and Tori work in a synchronized and harmonious display as an example, the essence of pure Judo skills and at the same time, showing the fine elements of traditional Judo spirit.


1. Te Waza (Hand Techniques)

Uki Otoshi

Floating drop

Ippon Seoi Nage

Single arm shoulder throw

Kata Guruma

Shoulder wheel

2. Koshi Waza (Loin Techniques)

Uki Goshi

Floating hip

Harai Goshi

Sweeping hip

Tsuri Komi Goshi

Lift pull hip throw

3. Ashi Waza (Foot & Leg Techniques)

Okuri Ashi Harai

Sweeping ankle

Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi

Propping drawing ankle

Uchi Mata

Inner thigh

4. Masutemi Waza (Rear Sacrifice Techniques)

Tomoe Nage

Stomach throw

Ura Nage

Rear throw

Sumi Gaeshi

Corner throw

5. Yoko Sutemi Waza (Side Sacrifice Techniques)

Yoko Gake

Side dash

Yoko Guruma

Side wheel

Uki Waza

Floating throw