Judo For All UK, is a new organisation that was formed in December 2010 in order to promote judo and help increase grassroots participation in a safe, enjoyable and learning environment that judo can provide. We aim to achieve this through the widest voluntary collaboration with the existing bodies and local judo clubs in the UK.

Judo For All, aims to provide the best support for education and practice of judo without a compromise in the standards of safety, teaching, the high discipline and moral values that are expected from all those involved in the sport.

Mutual Respect

JFA UK complements and adds to the existing body of interest in Judo in the UK through it educational methodology and approach. We respect and recognise all initiatives and aim to collaborate with all while upholding mutual respect and support.

At the heart of our initiative lies our absolute belief that Judo is about people, the individual students and the instructors that make up the clubs and all those that dedicate their energies and resources to the teaching and the practice of judo in order realise fully its positive effects on our lives. Nurturing and flourishing best practice and demanding highest standards we encourage the voluntary acceptance of a discipline that is designed to raise levels step by step.

The standards and the methodology behind our current teaching syllabus is designed to provide this step by step road map to build deeper understanding of the concepts and the philosophy of judo, improve technical ability and raise the confidence, sense of achievement, recognition of one’s efforts and overall gratification. It aims to develop an atmosphere that all can enjoy and help enjoy mutual qualitative development overcoming weaknesses and building on strengths.

Learning to Learn

Judo for all UK believes success lies in the process of development and considers that every member of JFA UK is a student and also a teacher with learning taking principal place through out the process. The student is thus responsible to learn not just for one’s own sake but also in order teach others. The instructors must also learn how to teach to people of diverse abilities, from different perspectives and also continue to advance their own levels. Thus, teaching and learning become inseparable components in the process of sharpening one’s ability to learn how to learn.

At higher levels this process is even more palpable as teacher/students with higher grades are able to appreciate even finer and more subtle changes and difference in things that may have been over looked in earlier periods.

We realise that initiative and discipline go hand in hand in order to grow and develop our organisation and help elevate judo standards overall.  Only initiative but no discipline is just as harmful as discipline but no initiative. Based on this we believe the existing excellent clubs and instructors are the king pin of the future of judo in the UK that is only waiting to be unleashed. There are plenty of judo instructors and practitioners that do excellent judo but are restricted and their development is hampered by bureaucracy and various obstructions. Judo for all UK aims to remove or restrict the effects of these on Judo, making it easier to participate, practice and enjoy judo.

Our approach in order to help judo grow in the UK is not to reduce the standards to the lowest possible common denominator but to raise the standards based on best practice inviting the voluntary participation of all in this initiative. But, as voluntary as this may be, we also expect and demand the highest discipline and dedication to execute and achieve the objective set before us.

Our Philosophy

Judo and its philosophy or its principals and techniques need not be reinvented. These have been tested, tried and proven to be universal and applicable in all circumstances. But we recognise that diverse conditions demand better and more careful application of these principal to the concrete conditions.

Too often however, these concrete conditions are used as an excuse to bring about revisions through tinkering with basic principals, methodology and the teachings. In time, this causes abandonment of the fundamentals or lead to denying their validity. Standards are thus lowered making judo dysfunctional and unable to fulfil its basic aims. This only leads to developing something that is in fact alien to judo and negates its basic purpose and effect.

There are several reasons for this. However, underestimating people, their abilities and expectations goes hand in hand with such revisions and distortions which only go to further exasperate the problems alienating Judo from its base and the widest sections of the population.

JFAUK Syllabus

The current syllabus, presented to you by sensei Sampson Sampson, the Technical Director of JFA UK, closely following the principals and the fundamental teachings of judo, is the result of careful examination of the teaching process, offers the necessary step by step guide to development and the benchmarks that needs to be followed by instructors and judoka to raise their standards and enjoy a sensible and logical approach to judo.

While the syllabus aims to provide the road map, Judo for all UK will be initiating regular workshops, seminars and teach-ins for all but particularly club level instructors to join and unfold their full potential developing a deeper realisation of the logic and the dynamics of judo, as it is expressed in the current syllabus.

The Website

The judoforall.org.uk website will provide a platform to advance the cause of Judo in the UK. The website will provide an official point of contact for all activities of JFAUK and will have updates and information on JFAUk’s latest activity. It will provide information about our projects.

To fulfil these projects we may provide, sponsor or co-organise other websites and portals in order to realise our inclusive approach, emphasis on education, promotion and wider grassroots participation in judo in the UK  

We welcome and encourage all judo practitioners to participate and collaborate in this initiative.

Judo For All UK

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JFAUK Features

  • Traditional Judo at it best!
  • Club independence
  • Grade up to Brown Belt
  • Extensive Audio/Video teaching tools
  • Regular workshops
  • Instructors training
  • Insurance with £10million cover
  • No Bureacracy
  • Forward looking and inclusive organisation

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