The project aims to offer free listing of all Judo Clubs irrespective of their affiliation, size, location. This directory will be an accessible and searchable index of all judo club for the public. It will provide a facility to identify the nearest clubs to a geographic location, with details of facilities and features available at each club. it will be made mobile friendly.

The project will be self financed through voluntary donations and fees gathered through paid listing with extra features such as reviews, photo gallery, video gallery and comments, Members will be able to advertise their events and provide news of their events to be added to mailouts to subscribers. Funding may be raised from other sources. 

This facility will be integrated with social networks and promote participation and support for judo meets and seminars and events.

Current Location:
Register, login and add your clubs details for free - (moderated)

Estimated Public Launch: Open to judo clubs September 2012 to be launched in 2013

Project Partners: TBA

Project Coordinator: M.A.  at JFA Campaign This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current Development Stage: live testing.

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